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Egg Pasteurized liquid | Identified eggs


Identified Eggs

As we all know, daily consumption of a healthy egg can meet many nutritional deficiencies of the human body. However, preparing a healthy and healthy egg is one of the necessary conditions for its use. Egg yolk with a special diet.


Egg Pasteurized liquid

Eggs, in addition to household consumption in cooking, also have very large and extensive industrial uses. In our country, accurate statistics on the consumption of eggs are not available in such a way that its cases and principles can be accurately examined, but it can be clearly acknowledged that the consumption of this food in cakes, cookies.


Egg White liquid

The major component of egg whites is albumin, which plays a major role in muscle growth. Items such as proteins and amino acids are present in small amounts in its composition. This material can not last long after separation without pasteurization and packaging.


Egg Yolk

Egg yolk is a substance very rich in nutrients, minerals and organic matter, and therefore, if contaminated and not adhering to the principles of storage, it will quickly rot and become unusable. Under the best storage conditions, egg yolk can be consumed up to 24 hours later.

Osareh Talaei Tabriz Company with Zardineh brand, with private investment, was registered in 2010 under number 29402, and from the same date, the construction activities of the factory began, and with the efforts of the managers and founders, the construction process was carried out quickly.
After studying and visiting various factories in Europe, the managers of the company finally signed a contract with two famous and well-known devices manufacturers with French and Italian technology. It was put into operation.
According to the managers of the company, the quality of the products has a special priority, so that even the products of the experimental period were of excellent quality and competitive with the products of other factories, which were offered in the market.
At present, the company with its experienced managers, consultants and personnel, using the most advanced machines in the world, is able to produce products with excellent quality and reasonable prices and provide them to factories, confectioneries and other consumers.
We hope that with your exellent welcome that has been given to the products of this company, we will be able to implement our development plans as soon as possible and serve the health of the society and the industrial prosperity of our dear Iran more than before.